About Me


I am a self-taught artist, born in the farm town of Ashton, Idaho, USA. With "million-dollar views" of the spectacular Teton Mountain Range, I started life being surrounded by world-class beauty. I've also lived in several gorgeous places in Utah, Arizona, Oregon, and Alaska. The influences of the majestic landscapes, interesting animals and endearing people of these places comes through in my artwork. My husband and I are happily settled in Kuna, Idaho raising our family. We have two amazing kids, two toy-size dogs, two trampolines, eight chickens, five ducks, and two mouser kitties. 


I believe that living a life where we thrive rather than just survive means accessing our creative side. We do that in many ways. The darkness of mental illness plagues many people, including myself. I have lost a parent to suicide. Mental illness is genetic and as real as cancer and it's horrific because it's imperceptible. I paint inspirational and representational or abstract artwork to help me push through darkness and many times, it's a memory, because I don't feel the happiness at the moment in time that I'm painting. Indeed, on the days when my anxiety is crippling and I put the brush to paper or canvas it is a victory! Private victories are the most heroic! I have great compassion and empathy for those who fight private battles and keep putting one foot in front of the other. Thus my art has developed--inspiring, vibrant paintings to lift up and brighten your life. Teaching art classes and paint parties is very fulfilling because I watch individual expression unfold and confidence soar. Doing commissions is exciting because we collaborate on your vision and bring it to life. All of these ventures help me to thrive, rather than simply survive. This is why I paint.

I put myself through college by working two jobs at a time, while carrying a full load of credits.  I started out with the goal of attaining an undergraduate Fine Arts degree but my scholarships were not renewable and I simply couldn't afford to buy supplies for the foundational classes required such as jewelry and metalwork, printmaking, sculpture, oil painting, ceramics, etc.  I could only afford charcoal, paper and pencils for drawing.  I switched to Art History and had an excellent educational experience completing a Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Utah. I've since taken up fine art, teaching myself and taking a class here and there.  I have a great love of children and have taught for over 15 years at elementary schools, private events, and in the community.  I'm so happy to be in Kuna, teaching and painting in this beautiful farm town.